Death of Adam Liszt

THE DEATH OF LISZT’S FATHER (from Walker’s biography, The Virtuoso Years)

-Liszt was 15 at the time of his father’s death
-Liszt and father arrived in Boulogne-sur-mer for vacation in august 1827 for vacation
-Adam immediately contracted typhoid fever
-instructed his son to write to his mother and ask her to return to france
-he sounds surprisingly brave in his letter to his mother, asking her not to lose courage
-on his deathbed, Adam warned his son of being dominated by women
-Adam died on august 28, 1827 at 10am
-the innkeeper, the mayor, and the town clerk were all witnesses on his death certificate
-Walker suggests that Liszt was not present at the creation of the certificate because:
- they weren’t able to find the names of Adam’s parents to put on the certificate
-adam was 54, not 50
-they accidently wrote that Adam Liszt was from the “valley of the donkeys”
-buried on the outskirts of town
-Liszt never visited the grave, though he was often close
-Anna Liszt never visited grave either
-it seems the Liszt family told very few people of the incident, since family friends were still finding out about it months later
-the grave is now lost
-according to Walker, Adam’s compositions were not horrible