Liszt and Chopin

LISZT AND CHOPIN (and Berlioz) (in Portrait of Liszt: by himself and his contemporaries by Adrian Williams, p 43ish
-Liszt met Chopin in 1831 in Paris, attending his concert
-by 1833, they were performing together, and writing letters, complementing each other’s musical genius (p52)
-they had some small fights, such as Liszt using Chopin’s apartment for his affair with Marie Pleyel
-Chopin wrote a few complaining letters about Liszt to other people
-Liszt may have been more attached to chopin that he was to him
-Liszt, Chopin and Berlioz spent much time together, apparently, and often spoke about the each other in their letters to one another
-Marie D’agoult encouraged Chopin’s affair with George Sand, a mutual acquaintance
-after Chopin died in 1849, Liszt wrote to Princess Wittgenstein of finally realizing the true and magnificent beauty in his final works, that “no other can be compared with him – he shines alone and unique in the artistic heavens (p 44)