Romantic Relationships
  • Caroline de Saint-Cricq
  • Adèle Laprunarède (1796-1886): Affair c. 1831, she was fifteen years his senior.
  • Marie d'Agoult
  • Lola Montez/Maria Dolores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert/Countess Landsfeld: Dancer who was the final straw of Liszt and d’Agoult’s relationship in 1844.
  • Carolyne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein
  • Agnes Street-Klindworth (1825-1906): Relationship begins 1853. Daughter of a spy, also involved in espionage, sent to watch diplomatic officials in Weimar.
  • Baroness Olga von Meyendorff nee Princess Gortchakova (1838-1926): Lover in Liszt's old age according to Hamburger.
  • Lina Schmalhausen: Their relationship began in the early 1880s and lasted until the death of Liszt. She is known to be a student of Liszt and she has many pieces dedicated to her. She is also known to have kept house for Liszt when he was in Hungary, spent time in Weimar with him, and spent time with him close to his death. Geraldine Field Keeling in her article "Liszt and Lina Schmalhausen" suggests that Schmalhausen was a lover of Liszt because she was not a particularly talented or reliable yet she was an significant part of Liszt's life.

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